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Chronique pain patients

I have been with Evergreen Dental for over two years now and even though my case looked bleak when I first darkened their door, Dr. Nenkov and his staff made me feel comfortable, confident and hopeful for my new future. I came to Dr. Nenkov with a very difficult case of hyperfluorosis, a poorly done root canal and jaw alignment problems. At my initial appointment, Dr. Nenkov fixed my poorly done root canal, free of charge and gave me an outline of what my dental issues were and some options on how to treat them. It was refreshing to hear an honest assessment and real options. I chose to have all of my teeth fixed. Dr. Nenkov and his team guided me through the insurance process and put a great deal of time and effort into preparing documentation and reports to send to my insurance company. This was definitely going above and beyond for a dental office.


• Had ortho when I was in grade 4
• Got braces off in Grade 8
• Was in car accident when I was 17 hit approach on highway going 80km
• I have clenched my teeth and have had very poor posture of the neck for the last 5 years from age 25-30.
• Facial muscles and neck and shoulder muscles very fatigued
• Had headaches every second day
• Jaw very sore from clenching in the morning
• Sinus problems/ K7 detected sleep apnea

30 years ago when 20 – had some increasing soreness with TMJ – told I had degenerative disks and there was nothing that could be done. My dentist at the time did occlusal adjustments – basically flattening out cusps so teeth could slide back and forth easier. Through the years ended up breaking cusps off back teeth ending up with large restorations and gold onlays. Started losing enamel along the gingival margins posterior and anterior and had some gingival recession. As a dental assistant I did not appreciate being told I was brushing wrong and being brushed off when I asked if it could be caused by my bite. I was apprehensive having my teeth cleaned by the hygienist as I couldn’t keep open for long or very wide. My jaw would often catch or lock up resulting in even more pain.

Dr. Nenkov is a fantastic dentist! Until two years ago I would never have thought that going to a dentist could be such a rewarding and interesting experience. Due to Dr. Nenkov's amazing skills, equipment, training and experience I have a fully restored mouth and I couldn't be happier.