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Denture Treatment

Denture treatment can be suitable for patients with multiple missing teeth or no present teeth. The overall image of dentures retained by wires or "suction"  has changed in the recent years. Those more temporary (or transitional) types of dentures are more and more replaced by dentures retained by attachments. The attachments can be part of a Crown or Bridge treatment or as an Implant supra-structure. It can have ball, oval or bar shape or sometimes quite complex geometrical shape. The common idea of the attachment is to have two components one if which as a fixed part of the dentition and the other as part of the removable denture.

Another type of dentures is fixed as opposed to removable. It usually fits over implants and is retained by screws onto the implants. This type has superior retention and performance with improve feel in patients but it needs more maintenance, since it is fixed. It still can be removed off the implants and cleaned up or repaired, if needed.

More new materials are used fro denture fabrication. Some of them replace the acrylic part with Porcelain. When Porcelain is combined with Titanium or Zirconia, it provides ultimate aesthetics and strength and renders the denture to be times smaller than the conventional dentures.