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General Dentistry

We provide all general dentistry procedures. Wheater restorative (fillings), endodontic (root canal treatment), surgery, pedodontic (children dentistry) or periodontic (hygiene cleanings), nowadays general dentistry is highly preventative. By taking a proactive approach to treatment, our team assists patients in maintaining oral and general health. Oral health is indelible part of the overall health, and vice versa – some systemic conditions can be first presented in the mouth and general dentists can be the first ones to diagnose.

General Dentistry encompasses all procedures, being preventative, symptomatic or causal treatment procedures, to keep the mouth healthy.  Dentistry as a profession, has been rapidly developing over the past couple decades. It has been utilizing the foremost scientific research in biology and chemistry creating more and more biocompatible materials with proper strength, longevity and appearance and treatment modalities based on bio-physiology.

General Dentist plays major role as a patient care provider in diagnoses, treatment, management and sometimes coordination with other professionals for co-treatment, when needed.