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Aesthetic Dentistry

Our happiest patients are the ones who decided to change their smile. There are so many other things in life to come with a great smile! Smiles as seen on the TV show “Extreme Makeover” we create right in our office, sometimes on daily basis. There are so many people who want a better smile but do not know how dentistry can help them or think it is something reserved for Hollywood starts only. We offer a complementary aesthetic evaluation, to give potential patients better understanding about their options. A typical aesthetic case will involve a smile design and occlusal (bite) evaluation, diagnostic wax up to determine patient preference (patients can choose their smile from a smile design catalogue) and to determine the treatment plan, data collection (intraoral radiographs (Xrays), CT scans, TMJ sonography, electromyography etc.) to determine the health of the supporting and the surrounding anatomical structures. In other words a typical aesthetic case will be finished before even touching the teeth in the mouth, thus providing a highly predictable result with the most information for the patients’ free informed decision. As our patients say, the decision to enhance or change their smile is the best decision they’ve made.

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