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Treatment of Chronic Headaches, Migraines and Facial Pain (TMJ symptoms)

There are many treatments tested in endeavour to find the one treatment for Chronic Headaches, Migraines and TMJ. It is either in a form of a drug, chiropractic massage/alignment, a botulinum toxin application (botox) or different mouth guards. At Evergreen Dental we had great success in treating those debilitating conditions with fabrication of a mouthpiece constructed after neuromuscular approach in determining the most comfortable, anatomically stable and balanced relationship of the lower jaw to the scull. We use advanced computerized equipment to help us in doing so. For some patients this will be the end form of treatment and they use the appliance as a guard during the night and few hours during the day. Others, after establishing balanced bite, will move onto more treatment such as orthodontic alignment of the teeth or full mouth rehabilitation. Regardless of the different treatment approach, alleviating the symptoms or completely eradicating the pain is a life changing experience. All the procedures are provided by general dentists and in many cases we work together as a team with chiropractors, Nucca therapists, medical doctors and medical specialists to achieve the desired result.